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I’ve always been interested in computer assisted proof systems. Over the last year (or 2), I’ve been reading more and more on proving interesting properties of programs. I began with the very recent papers on security and safety properties of micro kernels (Gerwin Klein and Michael Norrish). From the NICTA work, I ended up working through much of the Isabelle proof system tutorials. The syntax of Isabelle felt very natural. Next, I read some of the French work (Xavier Leroy et al.) on formally verifying compilers. This led me to Coq and Benjamin Pierce’s exercises he has posted on his website. I’ve worked through a good 67% of those. Coq feels very pragmatic and the bundled environment is great to get started quick. Then, I took a few months break to look at a bunch of security stuff (static analysis work from Dawson Engler and the rest).

When I came back to it, I started reading the book Robert Harper is working on “Practical Foundations for Programming Languages”. This is dense (for me at least) and I’ve found myself having a hard time making too much progress. I think it would help to have an instructor, but in absence of that I have been taking large breaks in between chapters to decompress and let it marinate in my brain. My problem is remembering the vocabulary and notation each time, but after a day or two it comes back to me.

In any case, I came back to the work surrounding POPLMark and this led me to Twelf. I’ve been accumulating resources and wanted to put them all together for my own benefit. Maybe it will help someone else, but I think the Twelf wiki has a better selection — I’m just trying to keep track of what I have found and worked through.


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August 9, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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